We are almost finished with our preposition study–just in time to start tackling our sentence month of February! I thought I would address the prepositions then and than since they are both used as prepositions (at times–more on that in our “sentence study”!)–and since they are commonly confused with each other.

1. Means “next”
2. Used as a preposition: She is getting pizza first, then pop.
3. You will always use the correct then and than if you substitute “next” in your questionable spot–and if it fits, use “then”: He is coming here then going to town. (Say–he is coming here next going to town–is that the use you meant–the one that shows chronology? If so, you need then.)
4. Remember thEn has an E and nExt has an e.

1. Means to compare
2. Used as a preposition: I would rather have pizza than tacos.
3. Only use than when you want to make a comparison.

“Tricky Trick to Help It Stick”:

Substitute NEXT–if it almost fits (i.e. you are trying to show chronology), use THEN.


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