Christmas Read Alouds: The Christmas Tablecloth

In addition to “If You’re Missing Baby Jesus,” we have also been blessed for many years with the Christmas story of the Christmas tablecloth or tapestry. This story is a story of hope, restoration, and God’s working in mysterious ways—and never ceases to give pause to all of us as we share in it.

“The Gold and Ivory Tablecloth,” as it is written here is a story of an elderly couple who had been separated and, to each other, presumed dead during the Nazi occupation of Brussels. You will have to read the story to hear God’s working in their lives (hopefully aloud to your family around the dinner table, nativity, or Christmas tree).  This story can be read online here.

There are other versions of this timeless story, including a lovely picture book. (affiliate link)

After you read the story aloud, you can send your kids to the Youtube link of the story being written also:


Other versions are available in Christmas compilations (including a Chicken Soup for the Christmas Soul version).

Of course, being a collector of Christmas stories, I have the picture book version by Patricia Polacco and a couple of other compilation versions. 🙂

A Google search might also lead you to sites telling how the story cannot be true. Stay away from those. The point isn’t whether the story is a true story that could have happened in the timing given. The point of any story is the effect it has on the reader (or listener).

Christmas is a time of hope and restoration—as the greatest restoration ever began with the original Christmas. We are reminded of God’s great restoration in this beautiful story.


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