Child Training



Child Training in the Christian HomeschoolDonna Reish

Donna Reish delivers this child training workshop in which she touches on the main aspects of child training that affect a family’s home school success in the daily ins and outs. She exposes the child-run home and explains how to counter it. Especially suited for parents of children twelve and under.




Training Children to Be Diligent WorkersDonna Reish

Donna Reish goes beyond a daily chore chart (though that is certainly a part of it) to explain the basics of raising diligent workers in the home. She has found several keys that have made her children not just “chore doers” but responsible, diligent children at early ages.



Babies and ToddlersDonna Reish

Donna Reish examines two extremes of parenting babies in home school circles: child run and authoritarian (extreme parent-controlled). Donna gives a gentle balance between the two Child Training Seminars by Donna Reishfor the newborn baby—and how to keep babies and toddlers from becoming self-centered children, self-absorbed teens, and selfish adults. She explains how she and her husband gently incorporated babies and toddlers into their home school lifestyle–while still meeting the needs of the other children–without falling into the trap of either extreme.



Home Schooling Preschoolers and KindergartenersDonna Reish

Donna Reish continues the parent-led advice for young parents and tells them how to train preschoolers and kindergarteners in character, obedience, love of learning, diligence, and more—before beginning “academics.” Filled with tons of practical application, come and learn about Donna’s favorite homeschooling ages—and find out how you can look forward to every day with your preschooler or kindergartener!



Day in the Life of a Preschooler or KindergartenerDonna Reish

Donna Reish uses her upcoming children’s book, Jonathan’s Journal, to show parents of preschoolers and kindergarteners what boundaries, structure, attention, love, and learning look like in the day of her young son–and how homeschooling parents can duplicate this balanced approach in their families.




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