Character Training Seminar Workshops


The Five W’s of Character TrainingRay and Donna; Ray alone; Donna alone

This workshop, the first in our popular “Raising Kids With Character” seminar (though may be used separately, as well), teaches parents the what, who, when, where, why (and how!) of character training in the home. Using Scripture and thirty+ years of parenting experience, the Reishes convince parents in this workshop that it starts with us–and is up to us–to train our children in godly parenting, how and where this takes place (it’s not as elaborate as you might think), and much more!




Parenting ParadigmsRay and Donna; Ray alone; Donna alone

Character Training Seminar Workshops by Ray & Donna Reish

How we parent begins with what we believe–what we believe about how children are when they come into this world, whose responsibility child training is, what our role should be in it, what we believe Scripture tells us about parenting, timing and appropriate age of training, empathy in parenting, and much more. What we believe will dictate what we do every single day of our parenting lives.

Find out why and how in this workshop.




Starting Out Right With Babies and ToddlersRay and Donna; Donna alone

Demanding toddlers become disobedient preschoolers, disobedient preschoolers become surly elementary children, surly elementary children become disrespectful teens, and disrespectful teens become entitled young adults.

What we do in parenting our babies and toddlers makes a huge difference in the success of our parenting in other stages. This workshop focuses on the first four qualities that are essential for parenting babies and toddlers–contentment, cheerfulness, obedience, and submission.


“I wish every young Christian parent could hear these concepts–ones that were taught to us thirty years ago and have made a huge difference in our parenting.”




Early Qualities for PreschoolersRay and Donna; Donna alone

This workshop takes the first four qualities needed for babies and toddlers–submission, obedience, contentment, and cheerfulness–and builds on those in the life of the four to six year old child. In this workshop, Reishes explain how to apply those in your little one’s life, while raising kids whom others enjoy being around and that older siblings adore! Loving and training these ages are some of the most blessed years of parenting (along with many other years!)–and parenting children with boundaries, love, fun, and biblical concepts makes all the difference in their dispositions, the family’s efficiency and joy, and family unity.




Child Training vs Heart TrainingRay and Donna; Donna aloneCharacter Training Seminar Workshops by Ray & Donna Reish

Something should start to happen in our character training between the ages of eight and ten. This workshop teaches how to transition from child training to heart training-and how the foundational character training plays a role in that transition. How do we get from “putting out fires” in our kids’ behavior to training their hearts for life? Ray and Donna have insights from their thirty+ years of parenting that can help parents move into heart training of their children effectively.





Helping Tweens Grow in Character and VirtueRay and Donna; Donna alone

Taking tweens and young teens from obedience and submission  for the sake of avoiding punishment to genuine respect, self-control, diligence, truthfulness, responsibility, and more can be a daunting task. But it can be done! And we can enjoy those ten to fourteen year olds instead of dreading the next confrontation! This workshop focuses on how to help our children grow in character and virtue because “it’s the right thing to do”–and apply those qualities to their lives for life!






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