Character Ink Product Focus: Meaningful Composition 10-II

We have a lot of new books coming out this spring! And we would love to introduce them to you in this space! And we would really love for you to click on the Projects Contained, Tables of Contents, Samples, etc., to check them out and see if they are what your homeschool needs next year to get your kids writing—and writing well.

This book uses our simplified research method: Color-Coded Research and Outlining.

This week we bring to you one of our new high school books, MC 10 II: Four Research Reports. This book has been tested with dozens of students over the past three years—and has passed our inspection with flying colors. (Okay, it passed after three years of rewrites and edits and quite literally fifty hours-plus spent by yours truly on the quotation citation portions alone!)

Here is what you need to know:

Meaningful Composition 10-II: Four Research Reports

Our MC 8 II: Junior High Research Reports, as well as projects in other junior high first semester books, all point to and lead up to this challenging high school research reports book. This book brings all research and citation elements together in four incremental projects laid out in weekly lessons.

Report I: Five or Six Agriculture Products is a two to three source ten paragraph paper that includes bibliography cards, outlining cards, Works Cited, quotation inclusion, our “Overview Source Method” of research, our “Color-Coded Research” method of merging sources, and MLA source citation for quotes.

Report II: One Agriculture Product is a three to four source project of ten to twelve paragraphs that includes bibliography cards, outlining cards, Works Cited, Major Works and Minor Works instruction, “Overview Source Method” of research, our “Color-Coded Research” for merging sources; MLA parenthetical citation for quotation inclusion; our “Section-Paragraph-Sentence Approach to Note Taking” and beginning formal outlining.

Report III: A Biography of One Who Contributed to Society is a five to six source project of sixteen to twenty total paragraphs that includes all of the above elements from Reports I and II and adds Redundancy/Synonym Brainstorming; parenthetical citation for paraphrased material; advanced content-based speech tags for quotes; cover page development; and advanced Checklist Challenge tasks.

Finally, Report IV: Topic of Choice brings all of the previous skills and techniques introduced in the first three projects in a multi-week, lengthy paper that shows your student’s research and citation skills at their best. This project utilizes six to nine sources and twenty to twenty-four information-packed paragraphs. You and your student will be extremely proud of the final products he or she has at the end of this high school book.

Read the Table of Contents for this book here.

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