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Podcast Notes for “Part II – Trip Tips to Planning the Perfect & Money Saving Disney World Vacation”

Podcast Notes for "Part II - Trip Tips to Planning the Perfect and Money Saving Disney Vacation"

I. Getting the Disney Dining

A. Disney Dining plan

a. I recommend you get one
b. Counter Service Plan

i. 2 Counter meals (like really nice fast food)
    1. Ribs, fish etc.
ii. 1 Snack
    1. Can be 5-7 Dollars
iii. I recommend you buying this if you have small kids who might not be interested in 90 minute sit down experiences
iv. 43 and 17

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Podcast: Part II – Trip Tips to Planning the Perfect & Money Saving Disney World Vacation

Podcast Part II - Trip Tips to Planning the Perfect & Money Saving Disney Vacation

Donna Reish, co-author and co-presenter of Raising Kids With Character parenting seminar and blog and fifty curriculum books (including February 2016 releases of five levels of Write On, Peter Pan books and March 2016 releases of five levels of Write On, Mowgli book) from Character Ink Press, brings you this Wondering Wednesday podcast episode in which her guest, son Joshua Reish, answers even more questions about planning an amazing (and affordable!) family vacation to Walt Disney World. In this episode, Joshua delves even more deeply into saving money while dining at Disney, including the peak times for the free dining plan as well as purchasing a dining plan (to still save meal money over buying each meal separately). His thorough explanation of the snacks, quick service meals (counter meals), and sit-down meals will help you put all of the Disney dining pieces together in order to enjoy the amazing food and service that Disney offers. Joshua also goes further into the fast passes and making the most of each day at WDW.

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A Writing Tip for Every Year: Eleventh Grade

A Writing Tip for Every Year: Eleventh Grade

Eleventh Grade: Guide your student in editing his papers.

I always advise homeschooling moms to use grading time wisely in all subjects. For example, in math, rather than grading your student’s math separately and giving him back a paper with a score on it, grade it with your student right by your side—and point out errors and use grading time as teaching time. (This will be some of the most valuable teaching time that you can ever find! What better way to learn than from our mistakes immediately.)

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Word of the Year: COMPLETION

Word of the Year 2015

Last year I jumped on the “word of the year” bandwagon. I have really liked this concept, and I feel that my word served me well.

Why, then, am I keeping this word for the month of January 2016 instead of moving on to my (surprising) word for the new year?

Because my word for 2015 was COMPLETION. And I’m not finished with that word yet! (Yeah, ironic, huh?)

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December Podcast Schedule Change

December Podcast Schedule Change

Dear podcast listeners and friends of Raising Kids With Character,

I will be unable to do the full five weeks of podcast episodes in December due to an illness that has put my dad in the hospital for at least ten days and maybe up to two weeks, including: surgery. I thought I could get it all done, working in the hospital in between talking with doctors, nurses, physical therapists, etc., until my computer died at the hospital yesterday.

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Announcing Character Ink’s Friday Freebies!

Freebie Fridays

Character Ink has been searching for more ways to help more families with parenting, homeschooling, and teaching! Enter our new FRIDAY FREEBIES!

Starting in November, newsletter and/or blog subscribers will receive a different freebie in their inbox every Friday. Just plain free!

Most of these are things that are selling at our Character Ink, Teachers Pay Teachers, Teacher’s Notebook, and CurrClick stores—but subscribers will receive them for free.

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Discerning Between the 4D’s of Behavior and Childishness

Discerning Between the 4D's of Behavior and Childishness


One way that we like to help parents determine whether a child’s behavior is of a serious nature or whether it is simply childishness that needs training, rewards, more training, follow-through, and consequences to solve it is by using the benchmark of the 4D’s.

If you have been to our Raising Kids With Character parenting seminar, you have probably heard us describe the importance of determining which behavior a child is having. This is because the behaviors that we call the 4D’s are heart-oriented and more life-affecting than those that are simply childishness such as irresponsibility, laziness, or messiness.

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