Don’t Overthink Meal Planning

Don't Overthink Meal Planning!

In a previous podcast episode called Simplified Menu Planning, I encouraged listeners to not overthink meal planning. (You may listen to that episode here.)

In this audio, I described how my original freezer cooking, in which I plugged all of my entrees into categories (based on meat types), led me to look at meal planning in a more simplified way. I made my master list of most of the entrees that I fix under each category, and then I can see what meats are on sale, scan my master entrée list, and choose meals to make.


Podcast: Using Your Planner/Calendar To Get More Done

Podcast: Goal Setting For Busy Mamas

Donna Reish, author, speaker, and blogger from Character Ink Press and Raising Kids With Character, brings you a new year’s podcast episode about using your planner/calendar to get more done. She emphasizes the importance of looking at the day-to-day first (while still keeping your big and lofty goals in place!) by conquering the dailies (with a Daily Duties list). Then she moves into how to make weekly lists that really work (using her ABC prioritizing method and the Terrible Task List). Finally, she describes some helpful ways to set up your monthly calendar to utilize the space better and see things at a glance. She refers to this month’s (January 2016) Friday Freebies’ planner (The Simplified Planner) to help you plan and achieve more each day, each week, and each month. (That is available for free during January for blog or newsletter subscribers, so subscribe and download this month!)


Using the Notes App on Your Phone for Grocery Shopping

Using the Notes App On Your Phone for Grocery Shopping

This was definitely me before I started keeping running grocery lists in the NOTES on my phone.

I don’t want fancy grocery apps. I don’t go to several stores a week, etc.I don’t want handfuls of coupons. I just want a quick list with healthy foods on it! 🙂



Using a Block Time Approach to Big Work Days

Using a Block Time Approach to Big Work Days

My world has changed so much in the past few years, but especially in the past two years. I went from homeschooling mom to full time self-employed mom.


I have worked at least half time for fifteen years. We put in the super (and I mean super) hard work of doing practically nothing but parenting for fifteen years. Then I was able to start writing curriculum for one publisher, speaking, etc., some while we finished homeschooling/raising our seven children. (Squeezed it in here and there like all working homeschooling mamas do!)


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