Twice-Told Tales Reader (Two Free Sample Stories Included!)


After two years of creating, conspiring, and co-writing, my writing assistant (Zac Kieser) and I have finished our Twice-Told Tales–Classic Stories With Spin-Off Versions for Read Aloud or Read Alone Fun. Just in time for Christmas gift giving and second semester classroom use! So what exactly is a “Twice-Told Tale”? And what is a book containing twenty of them? Let’s start with the Classic Tale first…..



Punctuation Puzzle: Commas with Adverb Openers and Which Clauses at End of Sentence

By Zac Kieser and Donna Reish

Since it is the first of September, I assume that you have started school (or maybe Tuesday after Labor Day?) and are having review of many of last year’s concepts. And part of that might be comma review. I have a love-hate relationship with commas (though mostly love!). I love what they do for clarity, sentence rhythm, and reading aloud. (I read aloud to my kids for two to four hours a day for almost thirty years—commas become very important to the reader with that much reading aloud!) The hate part (though I guess that is a strong word for someone who loves grammar and language arts as much as I do!) is how subjective they are. This makes commas especially challenging for students to learn (and for teachers to teach!).


Meaningful Composition SALE!!!


It’s the end of August. Might seem like an odd time for a curriculum sale—but we’re doing it anyway! And it’s a good one!  Use coupon code MC10 to get 10% off your order!!! (more…)

New Downloadable Really Writing Product–Tools and Tricks (The Miner and the Regent Diamond)

With our Cottage Classes starting in all of our locations, we have been busy bees around here! Part of that has been creating teaching materials that our new teachers can use in the first few weeks of teaching (and that parents can use at home to reinforce what they are learning in our classes). So this post is going to introduce you to one of our new downloadable lessons (with a video lesson!) that you can use at home to teach Sentence-by-Sentence Outlining Over Given Material. Just watch the video with your student and have fun learning to write from an interesting given passage. Completely directed. Totally fun. Easy peasy.



Character Ink Press New Membership Site!


Wish you had lessons on how to outline, edit, create stories, learn grammar concepts, and grasp new (and lifelong!) vocabulary tools? Wish you had lessons for all of these things AND videos to go with the said lessons? Wish these lessons were fun and easy for students to grasp—possibly even taught in a directed format by an author of over fifty thousand pages and one hundred curriculum books?


Well, you must have rubbed the right magic lamp—because Character Ink Press is opening a Membership Site with all of those things at your fingertips! And for the months of August and September, you can join this site (while we are getting it off the ground and starting to add to it!) for only $10 (for six weeks!).


Character Ink Cottage Classes Fall 2017-Winter 2018!

2017 Character Ink Cottage Classes


Most local students have heard the sad news that Joshua is no longer teaching with us at Character Ink. He stewed about the decision for weeks, but he has decided to take on more responsibilities and year-round work with the paint company that he has been working for twenty years at least part time/summers, etc. (since he was fourteen!). We are so sad that we will not be teaching together, but we are happily spending more family time with him than ever before with his extra free time. (He used to be tied up most evenings preparing for classes—he was truly the most dedicated teacher I have ever seen!)


And while we’re on sad/happy announcements, Jonathan will also be leaving our cottage classes as he has just accepted his first pastorate in Fort Wayne, Indiana. These two teacher losses have resulted in no social sciences (except for Economics by Ray), literature, Greek, and some specialty writing classes. Donna continues to teach many CQLA and writing classes (including a few online live ones!) and will keep her private students going full force. Kayla (lead nurse, former missionary, M-Div student) will keep teaching our sciences/labs and Spanish. Your students will still be in great hands! 🙂


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