August Meaningful Composition SALE


If you have been considering using our new Meaningful Composition books, you are in luck! Since we will have so many new titles—and most of the old ones are revised—we have decided to offer a MC sale for back-to-school this year! Three years of re-writing, writing new, developing new techniques, and testing books with a hundred students each week—and now we are ready!

Here is the scoop:

We have two semesters of each level of Meaningful Composition from four through ten available in August! Each MC book will be $30 during the month of August only (regular price $35)! You can call to purchase (260-450-7063) or (260-433-4365) or you can email us at (Store coming soon—but in the meantime, give us a call or shoot us an email!)


Wondering if MC is right for you? Check our blog frequently as we are going to be adding samples of all of the current books each week in the coming months. Two weeks of free lessons per book—means that you can “try before you buy” at all levels!


Here is what we will have available by mid-August (though most are ready now!)

MC 4 I: Sentences, Paragraphs, and More
MC 4 II: Put Those Paragraphs Together!
MC 5 I: Writing for Real!
MC 5 II: Creative and Clever
MC 6 I: Long and Strong
MC 6 II: Junior High Essays
MC 7 I: Reports and Essays Galore
MC 7 II: Completely Creative
MC 8 I: Bridging the Gap
MC 8 II: Junior High Research Reports
MC 9 I: Writing for High School
MC 9 II: High School Creative Writing
MC 10 I: Essays Only
MC 10 II: Four Research Reports
MC 12 II: The BIG Research Paper
MC Bonus Book: SAT Essay and Other Timed Writing


Want to see some samples right away?  Check them out here!


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