Freebie Fridays

Character Ink has been searching for more ways to help more families with parenting, homeschooling, and teaching! Enter our new FRIDAY FREEBIES!

Starting in November, newsletter and/or blog subscribers will receive a different freebie in their inbox every Friday. Just plain free!

Most of these are things that are selling at our Character Ink, Teachers Pay Teachers, Teacher’s Notebook, and CurrClick stores—but subscribers will receive them for free.

Here are the deets:

1) Go to Character Ink blog and subscribe to our weekly e-newsletter or to the blog feed (or both!).

2) Every Friday you will receive a free downloadable product in your email (or audio or video in some cases).

3) At the end of each month, that month’s freebies will come down and the next month’s freebies will begin.


That’s it! Simple, huh?

So what can you expect. We cover a broad range of subjects here at Character Ink—parenting, marriage, homeschooling, home management, healthy/low carb cooking, language arts, and teaching.

So you can expect a broad range of products—something for everyone (and if you are a homeschooling, healthy cooking home manager of kids from babies to college, well, it will all pertain to you!).

Obviously, we hope that you will benefit from all of them—and spread the word to others (share this post?) so that they can benefit as well.

Right now, we have the following planned for the next three months (in no certain order):

1. Keep Close Coupons

2. ABC Letters and Sounds Cards

3. Healthy/Low Carb Mix Recipe Booklet

4. No Response Rule downloads

5. Past Participle Verb Charts (the grammar nerd in me has to come out!)

6. College Kids at Home Contract

7. Consequence Pies

8. Recipe for Rebellion and Ingredients for Intimacy posters

9. Story Writing Templates

10. Five Great Potato Recipes for the Holidays Booklet

11. Annotated Christmas Book List

12. A Writing Tip for Every Year e-book

13. The Honest Family Living Room Workshop (on video)

14. Checklist Challenge charts

15. Four D’s of Behavior Printables

And much more!

We would love to have you join us for our FREEBIE FRIDAYS by subscribing today!






...and download my Kid's Faves list plus get access to my language arts freebies!

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