Podcast Handout for “How Do I Get My Children to See Work at Home in a Positive Light?”

How Do I Get My Children to See Work at Home in a Positive Light?


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I get asked a lot about getting kids on board. Helping them not to see chores as a means to an end (i.e. do chores, get computer time) but rather as something that builds the family up, that we do because we are unified in our love for our family, etc.

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Podcast: How Do I Get My Children to See Work at Home in a Positive Light?

Podcast: How Do I Get My Chldren to See Work at Home in a Positive Light?In this podcast episode, curriculum author and seminar presenter, Donna Reish (of Character Ink, Raising Kids With Character, and Language Lady), answers readers’ questions about getting children onboard with housework—and getting beyond the “have to do it or you don’t get to play video games” mentality. Donna describes how to approach older kids who currently do not do much housework (including what to focus on first in those scenarios), how to build family unity through family work, how to create a mindset in your home of “we all dirty, so we all clean,” going deeper to create a teamwork approach and way of thinking/living in which we all work because we love each other and want to help our family, how to teach kids to work fast and thoroughly, and instilling in our children a love for completion and understanding of the benefits of work.

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Olive Garden Salad Dressing Recipe

Olive Garden Salad Dressing 'Knock Off' Recipe

True confession: I do not like Olive Garden’s salad dressing. But that is probably only because I do not like salad dressing at all. Period. Not.one.single.dressing. Nada. Nope. None.
However, I have some kids who are crazy about this dressing, so I make it with my homemade Italian Dressing Mix for them.

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Getting Ready for School 2015: Delight in the Dailies

Getting Ready For School 2015 Delight in the Dailies

I have probably said this a thousand times in the past twenty years of speaking to and writing for homeschooling moms: do your dailies! I learned this the hard way (by not doing my dailies!), and once I learned this TRICK (and it does work like magic, so I guess you can call it a trick!), my days were amazingly better.

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Podcast Handout for “Simplified Meal Planning”

Simplifed Meal Planning Podcast



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Get asked efficiency questions a lot:

1. Doing the mundane, routine, or regular more quickly and more efficiently gives you more time for the exciting, ground-breaking, earth-shattering!

2. Teaches our children efficient work habits.

3. Makes you feel like a million bucks! :)

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Character Ink! Cottage Classes - Additions and Changes

Character Ink is gearing up for its eighteenth year of Cottage Classes for the 2015-2016 school year!

We have some additions and some changes. (If you are already registered, you know about the changes, but you might want to take a look at the additions! Two Jump Start classes/two locations and a Physics class!) So….please check the schedule below.

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Podcast: Simplified Meal Planning

Podcast: Simplified Meal PlanningDonna Reish, author of numerous writing and language arts books as well as Character Ink blog, Raising Kids With Character parenting seminar, and Language Lady blog, answers readers’ questions about efficiency in the kitchen. In this follow-up to Five Tips for Kitchen Efficiency, Donna shares more kitchen efficiency tips—especially meal planning for busy families. In this podcast episode, Simplified Meal Planning, Donna describes two “thinking” processes for deciding what to have for meals: (1) Basing meal lists on meats or main ingredients and keeping a running list of the things you make and (2) Keeping staples for the most common meals on hand. Donna shares her master entrée list in the accompanying handout to help get your creative juices flowing. She also focuses on making quick decisions and not getting bogged down mentally or time-wise with indecisiveness.

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Five Reasons Why Meaningful Composition* Works!

(*and Character Quality Language Arts!)

5 Reasons Why Meaningful Composition Works!


1. Meaningful Composition uses my Directed Writing Approach!

In my Directed Writing Approach, every detail of every project is laid out for your student. None of my writing projects are “writing ideas” or “writing prompts.” Every writing assignment contains step-by-step instructions with much hand-holding along the way. The student is “directed” in how to write and what to write at all times—from brainstorming to research to outlining to rough draft and finally to revising.

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